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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good thing for the area >> that's a good thing for southern california. >> uh-huh and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good . new at 4:30, check your numbers. eight, 27, 34, 4, 19, and the powerball of 10. if you have them, you join a growing list of people waking up as multimillionaires. where those winning tickets were sold. >> and flags at half-staff across the state to honor the life and service of a canton police dog. we'll take you live to the site of today's memorial service. >> and three school buses crashed sending 20 people to the hospital. the latest from streetsboro. ahead. >> and let's go to tera blake to talk more snow on the way. >> a little bit of added snowfall for us this morning.
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but many of us finding dry conditions to start and on the east side. a similar story to yesterday morning, yes, but not near the intensity or the widespread nature. so, for lake and geauga, real light, though, ashtabula, you have darker purples indicating the potential of downed visibilities and heavy snow for us here and that is over saybrooke and austinberg towards eaglesville. this is moving off of the lake and shifting south, and east. and not finding major troubles from this snowfall. it's dark and early. we have lakes flying and lake and geauga as well and north perry, more moderate. on the light side over chardin as well. temperaturewise, much better and looking at 20s what, we warm up today, a good 20 degrees. and 39 is your high. we'll look at rain moving in next. corrine a.
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so far so good. we're not seeing issues or accidents on the road. a smooth ride for you, 71-77 at fort 90 looking good as well. farther south around the akron area and that is a smooth ride hour. checking out drive times, things are looking good. rockside to downtown. the average speed is moving along just fine. from our odot cam showing us i- road. a little bit out there and for looking nice and clear. and to news breaking overnight from the live desk, we have a winner finally. lottery officials say at least three winning powerball tickets were sold and the record $1.6 billion drawing. there could be more. the jackpot winning ticket sold in california where you see people celebrating here at the winning store. florida and tennessee. there is also at least $1 million winner from ohio.
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again, they are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and the powerball of 10. also breaking, a shooting overnight at west 44th and clark avenue. our overnight news tracker here for us. the car is riddled with bullets. there was not a victim of the scene. in is a third shooting in the area since november. and we're working to learn more, of course, to keep you updated. jackie and terres. three buses crashing into them. these are the things you trust for your kids to be carried into every day, and this happened in streetsboro. >> and sarah phinney is following the situation for us. sarah, were any of the students injured here? >> nothing too serious. 19 high school and middle school students along with a bus driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the chain-reaction crash happened wednesday on paige road after school let out. the pictures so damaged to the front and back of the buses. streetsboro police say the street was dry at the time and
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too close to each other. the 16-year-old ho -- holden peelman was riding on one bus. the impact shocked him. >> when the bus hit, i hit forward and my teeth and neck hit on the front of the seat and i was checking my mouth and it was bleeding. >> he said his neck is still a little sore, but overall, he is okay. the buses have cameras that show the inside and outside. school officials hope the footage will help them understand exactly what happened. jackie. >> thank you, sarah. and hue better believe. that is what clevelanders are saying this morning as the browns pick hue jackson as the new head coach. the search begins for a general manager. jackson is a popular bengals coordinator and has coaching experience, too. he led the raiders to an 8-11 season in 2011. they were tied for first place in that division that year. >> what are browns players
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we talked with andrew hawkins. he played in cincinnati when hue jackson was a running back coach. like most, he had nothing but good things to say. >> he's a good guy, and -- [ indiscernible ] with cincinnati. and the rest of the organization and that is a good move by them. >> we asked him if he thought coach jacksonning turn things around. andrew said if anyone can do it, it's jackson. as he reported before the browns, we're waiting until they fill the coach position before looking for a general manager. gm begins now. browns fans. morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. trouble for at&t customers. we have new information about an outage. >> and new front runners in the run for president just in time for tonight's republican debate.
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brand of lip balm being blamed for causing painful rashes. what is up with a lawsuit. good morning. and let's go ahead and take a look right now at our travelling plans for today. we're heading from cleveland into ashtabula where we heard there is snow. we'll look at that and here's a look at the roads. things are 88 -- quiet out here, travelling on 90 eastbound towards ashtabula this morning. that is a look at the storm tracker weather. stick around, you're watching good morning cleveland.
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i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month
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. he served with honor until his very last patrol. today in canton, a k9 officer
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goodbye. nick foley joins us live with what is happening today. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, terrence. this is a story beyond northeast ohio. jethro the k9 story touched many people in the area and even worldwide with a massive response on twitter. today, hundreds are expected to turn out for a special memorial service to honor je it, hro at the canton -- jethro at the canton civic center. he was a three-year-old german shepherd shot in the line of duty in the overnight hours last saturday after police responded to a burglary at finishir foods. when officers arrived, jethro ran into the building and was shot three times by bearfield. investigators said bearfield was shot in exchange with jethro died on sunday. the department and his partners understandably devastated and some showed up to pay respects when he passed at the vet clinic. the ohio governor john kasick
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day to honor jethro as flags will be lowered in stark county and the ohio statehouse as well to honor jectro -- jethro. the doors open here at 11. the service begins at noon. nick foley for news channel 5. and the road to reform. the first time the team overseeing changes met with cleveland city council members. the mayor selected the police resource center, a non-profit based in new york city, to handle the changes. council members told the team that the city needs more officers on the streets with better training, better pay and they need to be more selective with hiring. >> how do we bring this department collectively into the 21st century. and i said to my citizens, i hope once you're work is complete and the d.o.j., that we're going to have the best police department in the country. that is what i am personally hoping for.
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>> i it's been more than a year since the department of justice investigation found cleveland police engaged in a pattern of excessive force. since then, the city agreed to major reforms. newschannel 5 investigators highlighting problems in cleveland's division of waste. overtime costs totaling more than 274% of the original budget. public works director michael cox telling us he thinks the city has enough employees to handle the garbage route. and he said the reason for the inflated overtime costs is just too many trucks are breaking down. when that happens, employees are forced to add hours to their day and now the city has purchased 25 new trucks. >> the equipment started to come in at the end of last year. we're just not getting that equipment on to the streets and to our routes. >> director cox said that other changes were made. a new interim commissioner came on board in december and is working to get the overtime
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is on the rise. it could affect the quality of care you receive. researchers say it's at critical level now because doctors are exhausted from dealing with insurance computerization. improving patient satisfaction and systems for delivering treatment could help fix this problem. so it's been endorsed by kim kardashian and britney seers and the eos -- britney spears and now eos is facing a lawsuit. this suit filed in california by a woman who said her lips felt like sand paper several hours after putting on the lip balm. she wants the company to address potential health concerns but eos said it stands behind its product. time now is 4:42. frightening video emerges of a fight on an rta bus. why the driver is being called a hero. >> and el chapo on the move. we'll show you the extreme
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escape again. >> plus, another check on the weather and traffic together
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. welcome back. 4:45 and breaking overnight from the live desk, at&t customers, you might be having data issues this morning. the company reporting major issues across northeast ohio. i want to show you the at&t outage map right now. the areas affected stretching all the way from cleveland here down to the canton area. this is a pretty widespread area. no word at this point when this issue might be fixed. of course, we'll keep an eye on this for you and we'll keep you updated. karen. and scary video from an rta bus. passengers watched fists fly and heard threats of weapon. now, the driver is called a hero this morning.
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conversation between the driver there and the passenger. a bus ticket had expired. the driver couldn't accept it, the passenger not happy about it and that is when that happened. [ indiscernible ] >> he's got a knife. >> in all that time, none of the other passengers called police. rt assaying the driver acted correctly and protected the passengers. shifting poll numbers are changing the dynamics of the presidential race in time for tonight's gop debate. right now, in the key primary state of iowa, there are new front runners. ted cruz took the lead from donald trump and bernie sanders trumps hillary clinton by 5%. as a result, clinton no longer holding back. >> we have spent the beginning of this campaign for months now where i have been laying out my policies, where i have been meeting with people, listening to them about what they want the next president to do, and
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it's time to draw contrasts. >> meanwhile, on the republican side, trump requesting, reacting by questioning ted cruz's legitimacy. he tweeted that cruz needs to raise doubt by proving his eligibility to run despite being born in canada. the pair and the other gop candidates will square off tonight in south carolina. and okay, so you probably have seen this photo on facebook this week. a car parked along lake erie near buffalo covered in thick, thick ice. it took a few days but, as you see here, crews were finally able to chip off and melt enough of that ice to get that car on to that tow truck there. and it took some hundred pounds of salt to get that done, too. >> can you imagine holding a hair blow drier on there? >> a blow torch, more like it. >> sixty days before you get anything done and thankfully, no ice extremes for us, but we have snowfall on the maps.
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temperatures in the 20s and cold enough for snow. we want to go to the heaviest snow in ashtabula county where you're finding nice lake affect streams at this point of the morning. north kingsville to kelloggsville. and farm hand seeing a bit of an increase with moderate snow over east ashtabula and ashtabula, too. 2090 in ashtabula will be snow covered. we're looking at winds up and meaning that we have the blowing snow and drifting -- drifting snow potential as well. north richmond andsteinberg and moderate pockets here and there and so east sideirs, you have a potential of snowfall through 9 a.m. we'll show you the timing better if you have plans on heading out of the at least lake agree august where you were -- lake geauga where you were pounded yesterday. light snow to show you and we're waiting on a warm front for today. it will make a major difference in temperatures and bring in
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is some left off, current fry well -- currently from lake erie. euclid, seven inches. jefferson, 2; jackson township, four inches on the ground. same story in lorain while akron and cleveland both around two inches. we did get that a little bit in the overnight hours. if you were out shoveling yesterday before the sunset or snow blowing, you're likely to see more snow. it was light. we're expecting the next push for the east side. only one to two additional inches and there we are by 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. especially it's all gone of about the rain chances try and kick back in as we move towards the evening hours on friday. and so your friday morning commute should be good. the good news, too, the rain eats away the snow and so if you don't want a lot piled up in your yard, we're going to see better conditions pushing toward the weekend. there is the additional amount for us, maybe a half of an inch to an inch in total, that is it in moisture. we'll talk about your rain moving in and how it impacts the weekend plans coming up in minutes.
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with the morning traffic and looks better than yesterday. thankfully on the cameras. >> yes, and it's looking a lot better. i was working on the map now. we're getting reports of an accident. i want to zoom you in here to talk about that. we have a closure and my clicker is working. at east 117th street, we're getting word that a car crashed into a pole there. use caution in that area. farther south this morning into the akron area, it's looking like a smooth ride. no issues, accidents or major delays to talk about and this is drive times for you. taking 14 minutes heading 90 eastbound, crocker to the inner belt, and average speeds moving along without troubles this morning. let's go outside, this is a live look on i-90 and things are looking great this morning. over to you, terrence. today, your blood can get you free tickets to see little shop of horrors.
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feed me all night long. that's right, boy. >> the audrey 2. the musical is coming to play-off square soon and they're teaming up with life share community blood services. you can donate from noon-4 at the allen theatre. all donors will get a buy one, get one free ticket voucher. and sometimes you just need a hug and doesn't matter where it's coming from. judge that's right. >> in virginia, they want you. they're looking for goat smugglers. yes, that is what we said, goat smugglers and -- goat snugglers and they're expecting 90 new born goats next month. they need volunteers to cuddle and feed them four times a day via a model and they need to be kept warm. guess what, you don't need any experience to do this. >> goat snugglers. >> yes, little baby goats. ninety of them.
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we have more to get to this morning as we head to break. and this is a look at how wall street opened today. hug someone today, by the way. >> a goat preferably.
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. good morning, thanks so much for waking up with us on good morning cleveland. i'm somara theodore right now live from the storm tracker and this is a look at our intended route this morning. we're heading to ashtabula where they're seeing snow falling down out there and for now, we're on the road. sorry, back to me, ride? -- right?
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eastbound, 3 mimes away from grumin road. if you're heading here along i- 90, expect quick roads. the roads are damp and wet and we're not seeing the intense snow we saw yesterday. a lot of snow is off to the shoulders and that is a look at your storm tracker forecast. corrina, over to you. >> and so far so good on the roads here and plenty of green for you at this early hour. i do have one accident that is popping up here. we have a closure because of this reportedly a vehicle into a utility pole and this is at kenson road at east 117th street and that could cause trucks right now. farther south, no issues to report around the area. all. 11 minutes for you, 71 northbound richmond to 90, excuse me, and speeds are looking great as well. from-our odot came. i-90 at kenilworth and wetness on the road but things are not
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the man who police say -- police say admitted to killing his wife will be in court this hearing. lareece woods' hearing was not set because of a sexual battery case of another woman. newschannel 5 said the only conviction on the man's misdemeanor from 2012. the team had no idea that woods' wife emily had a protection order against her husband. >> let me say this; if we had that report, which we did not, and we read the allegations in that report, would we have used that to factor in recommending a higher bond? yes. that is true. >> why didn't you have that report? >> there was no record of a for it. >> woods was able to pay 10% of last friday, investigators said he shot his wife emily to death in front of their children. this morning, italian
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custody in a florida woman's murder. that suspect has not been identified yet, but officials confirmed ashley olson was strangled. overnight, a prosecutor said she has two fractures to her skull. her body found inside her apartment in florence, italy, on saturday. abc news report that being authorities were looking for a man on surveillance camera seen walking olson home, possibly a known drug dealer. and new details on the recapture of el chapo guzman. six months after he escaped from a maximum security prison through a tunnel, the mexican drug lord being moved from cell to cell inside that same prison to prevent history from hitting -- hurting himself. and that was his second escape from a maximum security prison. the inex can government said he has been moved 8 times since recaptured on friday and he is under a 24-hour surveillance. and 4:57 right now on your thursday morning.
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are waking up on their own this morning. we're hearing more about their experience. >> and plus, there is some new multimillionaires out there today. we'll share where the winning powerball tickets were sold
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